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When I was little and someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered, “A mermaid.” Not only was that a funny answer to the adults who no longer believed in magic, but I was in land-locked Colorado and had never even seen the ocean. Eventually I was told that it was not a realistic goal.

Today, my dream is still alive. I've met little girls all over the US who still believe in, and who want to be mermaids, too. In fact, I found a group of people in my hometown who have made this dream their own!

Here is who we are:

We are a Mermaid Pod in Southern Colorado, called the Assana Mermaids, where there is no ocean and not much water at all that doesn't come in the form of snow.

To keep magic alive for little girls-- and adults, too-- we have created a performance troop with painstakingly crafted tails, and we practice regularly in local swimming pools.

We are mothers, daughters, models, and ordinary women who fulfil our magical dream each time we don our tails .

Here is what we do:

We attend festivals, both local and across the country, wearing our tails and greeting anyone who wants to share the magic with us. We sell mermaid related artwork, sculptures, jewelry, and other items to fund our dream. 

Here is what we need:

Mermaids need water. We do what we can to create a magical environment for our performances, but without a portable tank large enough to swim in, we can't really bring the magic to life! The tank we have in mind is 500,00 gallons, 25 feet wide, 25 feet long and 12 to 15 feet deep. We hope to have viewing panels all around so that our fans and audiences can interact with us. We are trying to have it custom built by a team of welders and engineers. We would like to have room for performances above the tank with our pirates as well as a platform for photos and our mobile store. It can be very costly. We need to buy steel beams, full sheets of aquarium grade acrylic, filters, heaters, wood and plywood for the stage and platforms, steel for a support frame and chemicals to regulate the ph of the water. It's a huge project!

We have also added a few new members to our pod this year. Our tails are all hand crafted and can be very costly. Each tail can cost $1,500 at a minimum. With the season fast approaching we need your help to be able to gather all the proper materials to make our tails. After all what is a mermaid without a tail?

Do you still believe in magic? With only a small donation, each person who donates toward our tank becomes a part of keeping the dream alive for me, my pod, and for all the children out there who light up when they see their dream come true! Please be part of the magic, too and donate now.